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Which do we choose for level measurement, DP level meter or Ultrasonic level meter?

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Update time : 2019-05-26 17:18:39
“Ultrasound level transmitters or pressure level transmitter, which would suit better for my application?”Let's talk about the principle, advantages, and disadvantages for the two level transmitters.

A DP level transmitter is used to transmit the head pressure that the diaphragm senses due to the height of the material in the vessel multiplied by a density variable.

The primary benefit of DP level transmitter is that it can be externally installed or retrofitted to an existing vessel. It can also be isolated safely from the process using block valves for maintenance and testing. DP transmitters are subject to errors due to changes in liquid density and it works well with clean liquids only.

Ultrasonic level transmitters are installed on the top of the tank and emit an ultrasonic wave that is reflected in the water surface. Based on the time of flight of the wave, the distance between the top of the tank the water surface is computed.

The main advantage of the ultrasonic level transmitter is that the transducer does not come into contact with the process material, but things such as powders, heavy vapors, surface turbulence, and foam can affect the returning signal.

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